Holiday Hours

The Summer Discount ends on September 1st!! Because that falls on Labor Day, we will be OPEN on Saturday from 8:30-noon and regular hours on Monday (Labor Day) from 8:30-5:00. We will be CLOSED on Tuesday the 2nd to take … Continued

Summer Discount Ending

Get your coal now! The summer discount is coming to an end on August 1st. If you need a delivery, call now and take it BY AUGUST 1ST.

Front Spots at Pike Fair in Wyoming County!

We are very excited to let everyone know we will have the front spots at the Pike fair this summer in Wyoming County on August 9-16! With now double the room, we are hoping for a spectacular coal/stoves/landscaping display. Look … Continued

While Supplies Last

The Reading Alleghany Stoker Stove is on special for $1,650.00 while supplies last. Subject to inventory on hand, the stove is available in top or rear vent. If you are thinking of switching to coal, or upgrading your current system, … Continued

Effective May 1st!

The price of coal has dropped for the summer discount program! Bulk coal picked up at the store is $230/ton and that is the cheapest it’s been in twelve months. Although the price of coal has not increased, the price … Continued

Koker Lite BTU Mini Furnace

Introducing a new furnace from Keystoker! The “Koker Lite” is a 105,000 BTU mini furnace with a 1000 CFM fan. Fully automatic, this mini powerhouse is available in top or rear vent. It runs on the Rice size coal and … Continued