The Geer Family has been selling anthracite coal for “a couple of years”. We have traced the sale of coal back to 1926, when our great-grandfather, Lewis P. Lance bought the General Store in the town of Alexander from the widow, Jennie Hickox.  Located on Hickox Road in hamlet of Ray, the General Store was the center of activity for the this community.


At this time, the DL&W Railroad ran through the property and stopped at the General Store to pick up milk to take to the creamery in Buffalo. At “Ray Station”, the train would leave off dry goods such as lumber, flour, cloth material, farm supplies, and of course, coal. The advertising character for the railroad, Phoebe Snow, a lovely young woman traveling by rail in her white gown was made famous in the 1900′s by her witty poem declaring the cleanliness of the coal “The Road of Anthracite”.


Lewis P. Lance later sold the store to his daughter Marion and her husband, Howard. The name was changed to H&M Geer until sons Norris and Earl were brought on as partners and name updated to H&M Geer & Sons. From there, the name was changed to Geer Brothers when Norris and Earl bought out their parents in 1971. At that time the business was incorporated to Geer Farm Services, Inc., and in 1986, 4th generation, Jeff Geer began offering a line of coal stoves to boost the dwindling coal sales. This proved to be a wise choice as sales and coal continue to increase. The final company change came in January of 2013, when Jeff bought out his partners and changed the name back to Ray Station, not only acknowledging his family heritage, but also honoring our town’s history.

In over the 87 years of selling, coal, numerous updates have been added to accommodate the ever-growing business.