Coal: We promote anthracite coal for home heating. We offer 4 sizes to accommodate which coal stove you have. Rice coal is for stocker stoves, Pea, Nut and Stove coal are used in gravity fed units. We can deliver coal to your home or business, delivery price is based on distance and difficulty. Residents of Erie, Niagara and Orleans counties, please take special notice – these counties all carry a solid fuel tax that we must charge you if we deliver to you, however, if the coal is picked up at our store in Genesee County, there is no solid fuel tax. Also, there is NO sales tax on coal! All the anthracite coal we sell is trucked in from Pennsylvania. We store all the bulk coal in enclosed commodity buildings to help minimize ice and snow.

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Bagged Coal is also available and is stored under a lean-to, to prevent the sun from fading and weakening the bags. We buy our anthracite coal in bag and bulk from Blaschak Coal Company and Coal Contractors. We serve Genesee and surrounding counties with either pick our delivery. All our coal is weighed on a certified scale and can be watered down before delivery per request.

Alaska Coal Stove: Channing III (top or rear vent), Gnome, Stoker II, 140 (Single, Duel, Auger Feed), Kast Console III (top or rear vent), Kast Console II Hearth (


HItzer: 608 Stoker, 345/254 Gravity unit, 503 Fireplace Insert, 710 Stoker Furnace, 50-93/30-95 Gravity unit (

Energy King: 365EK, 480EK, (wood/coal combo), 35EK-D, 45EK-D (wood/coal combo boiler) (

Parts: We carry a full line of replacement parts for all our stoves, carbon monoxide detectors, stove paint, starter blocks, gasket and cement, black pipe. Stainless steel pipe will be ordered upon request. We also carry replacements parts.

Rada Cutlery: We are a Rada Cutlery dealer, proudly selling this American made product alongside the cast iron and cook stove.



Check out our suppliers:

  • Blaschak Coal Company, Mahanoy City, PA
  • Coal Contracters, Stockton, PA
  • Rada Cutlery