Summer Coal Sale Update

Yes, we will be offering a Summer Discount Sale on coal again this year!!
Sale prices are in effect starting April 25th~$205.00/bulk and $260.00/bags (40#) PICKED UP.
Delivery is extra and based on distance & difficulty.
Sale prices subject to change without notice. This sale ends at our discretion, DO NOT WAIT TO CALL US.
Please remember our Payment Policy:
All product must be paid for in full and taken at the time of sale
We do not do pre-pays and pick up later, we do not store your coal for a later fall pick up. We do not give a discount for cash, we do not charge more for a credit card sale.
Please take advantage of this great price and get your coal bin ready to fill, call us to schedule your delivery or get an update on current inventory! 585-547-2235

Sale will end soon.